Playing smart for 2011

It is very hard to know for sure what will happen next in the online gambling world. So far this year we have seen some of the biggest online poker sites get pushed out of the US market.

More recently, second line US facing poker room Doyles Room had their domain seized in a similar fashion, but they have not withdrawn from America just yet. It remains to be seen what they will do in the long run though. In the same Government action, some sports betting sites were also hit.

Are online casinos that accept American players next in line to be attacked by the US Government forces? Who can say for sure?

Even if you are not from the US, these actions by the US Government can affect you. Non US players that were legally and happily playing poker on sites such as UltimateBet and Absolute Poker are now unable to get their own money from these sites because of what the US administration did.

While those poker rooms say that they are allowing cashouts in limited weekly amounts I know of some players who have been waiting over a month to get their $250 weekly withdrawal limit.

So it seems that you need to be smart and play safe right now. Keep your online gaming bankroll spread out a bit. Cut down your staking limits a bit so that you can withdraw some of your main bankroll and keep it in reserve somewhere else. If you are not American you will have a lot of options , but if you play on a US facing site then you really need to be careful.

And if you are trying out new casinos online then it may be wise to check this list of minimum deposit casinos. Making a minimum deposit right now is probably the safest play. Check out the deposit and withdrawal options and then test them out with a small transaction. Just so you know where you stand if things do get worse.