Playing Blackjack online

Not many industries have entered the internet revolution with the impact of the casino. In the past we may have presumed that the casino would never easily transcend its physical state; in fact, it has made the transition with an impact we couldn’t have anticipated, being one of the UK’s few growing industries.

The reason for this successful transition is due to factors like, a growing public hunger for Casino games; a huge untapped market in terms of online gambling; the quality with which the providers have delivered their polished online products; and wide access to the net.

It seems that games like blackjack have explored every market place, from the taverns and docks of New Orleans to the plush surroundings of Vegas and Monte Carlo, and now culminating in an ultimately accessible online format. Blackjack is also the favorite of online gamblers trying to clear casino bonuses.

Blackjack is a simple game and may also be know by many as ‘twenty ones’ or ‘vingt et un’ to quote its French origins. It’s closely related to Pontoon and it’s a game where the player is a dealt a two card hand to begin. The objective is to keep drawing cards from the dealers pack until the sum of your cards reaches as near 21 as you deem possible. The skill comes in the form of judging the chances of not going bust – exceeding the 21 limit. The closer you get to the magic figure, the more you begin to weigh up the risk/probability paradigm. Do you take a calculated risk and potentially go over the limit, or do you choose to stick at a score that is below the 21 mark and therefore may not be close enough to win you the game?

The term blackjack derives from the added bonus that used to be available for pulling the Ace of Spades and one of the picture cards.