Extra advantage for roulette strategy players

There is a promo at 888Casino currently that can give you a nice little advantage if you are playing the, by now famous, Mad Roulette Money System.

In short, if you bet $5/£5/€5 or more on the 888 Live Casino Roulette table, and the number 8 should come up, you will win a bonus of $8/£8/€8. You’ll get that even if you’re not betting on the number 8. So it gives you a nice little no-lose bet.

The requirements on the bonus money is a playthrough of 30x, which is a bit steep, but given that you don’t have to do anything extra to get the bonus, and you may get more than one, it is probably worth it.

Extra advantage at the 888 Live Casino Roulette tables

Extra advantage at the 888 Live Casino Roulette tables

On top of that, if you didn’t already know, players from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Austria can get a no-deposit bonus of $88 when they first sign up with 888Casino. Use this link.

If you are entitled to the $88 no deposit bonus then you can use that to try out all the games on the 888 Live Casino, though I would suggest using it on the wonderful roulette system that we have outlined on this site. That bonus is a great way to try out any system really, as you simply can’t lose, and might even win.

In terms of good casino bonuses, this limited deal from 888 is pretty good. Although it is a pity that it is restricted to so few countries.

There are a lot of other promotionos on offer at 888 for the Christmas season too, so check those out. I’m waiting for something geared more towards Blackjack players, as that is my poison. Although I might be tempted to have a go on the Roulette tables, just to take advantage of the extra cash available.