eWallets and online gambling

It is a question that most gamblers will ask at some point – usually early – in their online gambling careers; what eWallet is the best to use to fund your favorite online gambling accounts?

Unfortunately, there is no real best ewallet provider at the moment. At least, not one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The three main services, Neteller, Skrill and Paypal, all have their faults, though in my experience Skrill is the best, but only just.

Paypal have gone on the record with their view that it is more cost effective to just close problem accounts than to provide customer service. Yes, they have, look it up. And that is what they do. Don’t expect to get any level of reasonable customer service from Paypal. They will allow you to make one mistake, but on the second time they will simply close your account and keep your money for up to 180 days. And no oversight agency will help you with that.

Skrill also have awful customer support, and will keep sending form emails to you for as long as you go that route. The trick with Skrill is to raise a support ticket and then go to their facebook page and post the ticket number on there. You will get a resolution in a reasonable time doing things that way, though no one will tell you to do that.

The worst ewallets for online gamblers

The worst ewallets for online gamblers

And Neteller? They are just a joke at this time. They do not offer any support, VIP or not. They will just contine to send form emails saying ‘be patient’ for as long as you follow that route. If you use the call back function on their site, you had better not have already raised a support ticket, r they will just tell you to be patient too. Not by a call back, either, but by email. If you go to their facebook page you will be directed to their online support system, that is, email or call back. So you can go round and round for as long as your patience lasts, then switch to another ewallet.

One other thing. A lot of people will say that if your account has been closed by any of these providers then you must have done something wrong. I know, because that is what I always thought, until I did nothing wrong, and my Paypal account was closed for accepting gambling transactions from a restricted country, i.e. America. Which I didn’t, and don’t, do. But support knew better, and help $7,000 of my money for 180 days just in case. In case of what? Who knows?

I had held that account for over ten years with absolutely no proplem or issue, and all of a sudden I was a problem account. No amount of trying to reason with the so called support staff did any good. I don’t think they actually looked into my case or even read my emails. So be warned.

In conclusion then, I would at this point have to suggest that you use Skrill. At least when my Skrill account was suspended for logging in from the wrong country, I did manage to eventually get support to respond by contacting them on their facebook page, and got the account reopened.

If you haven’t got a Skrill account already then I suggest that you open one using this link. This will take you to a special offer where you will get $20 for free on your first transfer to an online gambling site using Skrill.