Celebrity and Bingo – current celeb fans

There is absolutely no reason why celebrities should not enjoy bingo just as much as anybody else does and who knows, when you are playing online, who you are playing against? It could be the person down the road or it could be an A Class celebrity; you just would not know unless they told you, and if they did tell you it is likely that you would not believe them.

However, we do know a number of celebrities what are quite fond of the game, so the chances of rubbing against them in a virtual sense at your favourite bingo website are quite high. Here a few of them that you just might bump into.

Sharon Osbourne claims to be a great fan of bingo and certainly she has been doing a considerable amount of bingo promotions just lately. Of course, she does need something special to occupy her time nowadays.

Russell Crow is another bingo celebrity. In fact he started out his illustrious career as a bingo caller but unfortunately it did not go too smoothly as he got into considerable trouble for his imaginative bingo calls, which some might have appreciated but which the management tended to frown upon. For example, number one – stick it up your … was just a little too hot for them.

Cilla Black (is she still a celebrity?) used to be a bingo caller too and has called bingo in several bingo halls in Liverpool, her home town. One thing is certain; with Cilla calling out the numbers in her shrill Liverpudlian accent you are unlikely to miss a call.

Sharon Osbourne is not the only ex-X-Factor judge to be partial to a game of bingo. Cheryl Cole is also a fan, though she is said to have some difficulty over the more subtle of the bingo rules. Her favourite game is 90 ball bingo and she really is getting quite good at it.

These are just a few celebrity bingo fans that we know of and there are very many more. If you want a chance to join them online then why not read the latest games here.