A reasonable chance at a profitable roulette session

This is a ‘system’ for making a profit an roulette.

Before I begin, let’s get all the derision about profitable gambling systems out of the way. I am in no way saying that this is a sure fire winning method for betting at roulette. It is not. It doesn’t even come close. I don’t know of any sure fire winning gambling systems, and if I did I wouldn’t write about them here – I’d be too busy playing the systems and counting my winnings.

What this is though is a reasonable way to attempt to make a few dollars from a roulette session without risking too much money. If that is not what you want then please do continue searching for the holy grail – elsewhere.

Ok, so on to the roulette system. I’m going to assume that you are gone past the casino selection and bankroll determination steps. If not, have a look at our simple rules for blackjack – many of those will apply to any online casino game.

Ok, so you know where you are going to play, and how much money you are going to risk. The rest of this method is in the staking so here goes.

This is a fairly simple progressive bet system. You are going to play a number, any number. Pick your favorite one, or, more sneakily, pick one that has come up in the last five or ten spins. If you are playing single player roulette online then you won’t be able to see the previous spins of the wheel, the wheel will only spin when you place a bet. If that is your chosen game, then pick your lucky number.

You should have a reasonable bankroll for this, but $25 will do, provided that you are prepared to lose that whole $25 and walk away with nothing if things don’t go your way.

An online roulette table ready to be mugged by our systemSo you’ve got your $25 in your online casino account and you have chosen your lucky number. Now you bet $1 on your number. If it hits on the first go, you get paid out at 35 to 1, so you will be up $35 immediately. If that should happen now would be a good time to walk away.

It probably won’t happen though, so let’s continue. For the next bet, and the next fourteen if you need to make them, you flat bet $1 on the same number. Should your number hit on any of those spins you are looking at a profit of between a lowest $20 and a highest $35.

If the number hasn’t hit yet, and the odds are in favor if it having not hit, then you increase your bet to $2.

You will bet $2 on your chosen number on each of the next five spins. So in all you will have bet $1 on 15 spins of the wheel, and $2 on the next five spins of the wheel, for a total wagered of $25. On twenty spins. If your number comes up at any point in the sequence just stop there and tehn, take your winnings and walk away with the profit.

Should your number hit during yoru betting sequence, you will make a profit of between $21 at the least and $55 at the most. The average of those two numbers is $38.

Remember, those numbers reflect the profit after you have got your initial $25 stake back too.

In this betting system you are risking $25 over twenty spins, and twenty spins should give you an even shot at your number coming up, roughly. So risk $25 to make $38 (average) on an evens shots. When I put it like that even I think it’s a sure fire winner.

Now, I must finish up so I can head off to my favorite casino…

Oh, where to play this system? Well, I’d suggest BetVictors Casino – tell them I sent you and they’ll give you a nice £175 bonus deal. Don’t tell them you are going to win loads of money using my new roulette system though. They may not like that.